Privacy Policy

Revised on 23/5/2018

We respect privacy of our clients and partners we work with. Please read our Privacy Policy to know, which data we collect and for what purposes we collect them and disclose to the third parties, as well as how you can change, delete or transfer the data.

The processor and controller of personal data provided by you or collected by Vince Group Srls (IT registration No.: 05130770291, REA-PD 445373, location: via Guizza 5/A, 35125, Padova, IT).

Which information we collect and what purposes we do that for

Navetta Italia is an online service for searching and booking transfers.
We need your data for:

documentation, processing, distribution and control of booking; consultation and support of your order;
consultation and support of your order;
improvement of the service on the basis of website visiting statistics, sales and feedback on the service and transfers provided;
improvement of the offer, marketing and targeted advertising.
To achieve the abovementioned objectives, we ask that you specify the following personal data when booking a transfer: family name, first name, contact phone numbers, e-mail address, departure/destination address.

We also automatically collect information about your interaction with Navetta Italia service, in particular information about pages or content you looked through, requests you made, bookings you made and other activities at the website, as well as IP address, time of access, information about software and hardware, information about a device, information about the device events, unique identifiers, information about failures, cookies, as well as information about pages you looked through before using Navetta Italia service.

Other Persons’ Personal Data that You Give Us

A situation can occur when you book a transfer for someone other than yourself. Then, most likely, you provide us personal data of another person and book on their behalf.

In this case you bear full responsibility for awareness of a person or persons, whose personal data you provided, for their understanding of and consent to the way Navetta Italia uses their data (according to this Privacy Policy).

Your Rights

When creating an order, upon agreeing with the terms hereof, you transfer your personal data to us freely and in your interests and give active consent to storage and processing thereof.

With that, you have a right to withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy by sending a corresponding e-mail message to

The fact of consent withdrawal shall not affect the legality of permitted data processing activities performed before the withdrawal.

Besides, you have the right to:

get access to your data, as well as information about the purposes of processing thereof, categories of processed data, recipients, established data storage term;
require that we correct incorrect or incomplete personal data. You are responsible for actuality of personal data transferred to us;
request that we provide you with a copy of your personal data in a standard, structured and machine readable form and/or, if there is a technical possibility, transfer the information to another service provider;
require that we delete your personal data in case of the presence of special grounds (data are not required for the purposes, for which they were received, any longer; you have withdrawn your consent to personal data processing; personal data were being processed illegally etc.), as well as pass this requirement on to the other controllers;
limit processing of personal data in case of presence of special conditions (data are inaccurate; processing is performed in an illegal way, however the subject is against data deletion etc.);
require that we stop the work with your personal data used for direct marketing;

object to being subject to effect of a legally significant action based on automatic data processing. To exercise any of your rights, you can turn to us by e-mail with a corresponding query or requirement.

Data Deletion

If you want to withdraw your consent to use of your personal data for provision you with access to Navetta Italia platform, you can send a request for personal data deletion to .

Upon fulfilment of your request to delete personal data, we will fully and irrevocably anonymize your personal data.

Note that in case of personal data deletion request the following rules apply:

we are entitled to partially save your personal data within the legal interests of our business, including for the fight against fraud and improvement of safety;
we are entitled to store and use your personal data to the extent necessary for compliance with the law;
information transferred by you to other persons (for instance, feedback, posts on forums) can remain public even after deletion of your personal data, but reference to your authorship will be deleted. Some copies of your information can remain in our database without any possibility of personal identification;
in connection with the implementation of the system of protection from accidental or intentional corruption or loss of data, backup copies of your personal data will be deleted with a certain delay.

Transfer of Data to the Third Parties

Third parties are connected with Navetta Italia service in different ways and for different reasons. The main objective is to transfer data about your drive to the carrier to complete the booking. Your data can also be received by other parties engaged by us for provision of the services to you, including financial institutions, advertising companies and, in some cases, governmental or other competent authorities.

Third-Party Service Providers

We use third-party services for processing of your personal data on our behalf. Such processing is carried out for different purposes, including sending of marketing materials or check of validity of an e-mail address provided by you in the process of booking. Third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality obligations and have no right to use your personal data for the purposes other than those complying with Navetta Italia instructions.

Competent Authorities

We transfer personal data to the law enforcement authorities to the extent required by the law or strictly necessary for prevention, identification or preclusion of criminal activity and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally bound to transfer them. Besides that, we may need to transfer personal data to competent authorities for protection of our rights or property, as well as rights and property of our business partners. We also have the right to perform cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state for the purposes of fulfilment of transfer arrangement obligations.


We follow proper safety procedures to prevent an unauthorized access to personal data and their illegal use.

We apply appropriate corporate systems and procedures intended for protection and security of personal data provided to us. We also use the safety procedures and apply technical and physical limitations on use of personal data and access to them on our servers. Only employees having special rights have access to personal data in the course of performance of their duties.

We store your personal data during a period that we consider necessary for you to be able to use our services and for us to be able to provide them to you, within the framework of the applicable laws, for resolution of disputes with any parties, as well as for other purposes that enable us to conduct business, including identification and prevention of fraud or other illegal actions. All personal data stored by us are subject to this Privacy Policy. If you have any question concerning a term of storage of a particular kind of your personal data processed by us, you can contact us by e-mail

Amendments to This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. The updated Privacy Policy will be published at Navetta Italia website with specification of the date of the latest update. We will inform you about the amendments made by e-mail in advance.


Navetta Italia service strives to make interaction with our website most informative and meeting your interests. To do that, we use cookies. We believe that it’s important that you know which cookies our website uses and for what purposes it is done. This will help us protect your personal data and ensure maximum user friendliness of our website.

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